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Short Pulse, High Power, 1-micron Fiber Laser
APFL-1064 Series

Optisiv APFL-1064 Series is maintenance-free short pulse, high power fiber lasers in a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture that allows adjustable repetition rate, pulse duration, and pulse shape.  The high beam quality, short pulse width, and high peak power levels offer superb performances for material processing, solar cell manufacturing, and marking applications. Furthermore, the narrow spectral width and polarization maintaining architecture allows efficient wavelength conversion to Green (532 nm).

     Key Features:

·      Central wavelength: 1064 nm

·      Output avg. power: Up to 30 W

·      Adjustable pulse duration: <1-500 ns

·      Adjustable repetition rate up to MHz levels

·      High beam quality

·      Linear polarization

·      Air-cooled package

·      Maintenance free


·     Solar cell and semiconductor manufacturing

·     Material processing (Micromachining, Drilling, Welding)

·      Marking

·      Frequency conversion

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