High-Power 1mic
 High-Power 1.5mic
 1560nm fsec Laser
 780nm fsec Laser
 Tunable psec Laser
 1060nm psec Laser
 Supercont. Source 
 High-Power CW

Broadband Supercontinuum Source

Optisiv BSS-1560 is maintenance-free ultra-wideband supercontinuum source based on Optisiv’s femtosecond fiber laser technology. The supercontinuum module is a white light source that provides superb spectral uniformity in a compact fiber-coupled architecture.

    Key Features
  • Wavelength range:    1200 nm - 2100 nm
  • Output Avg. Power:   >30mW
  • Spectral density:       > -20 dBm/nm


  • Bio-analysis
  • Metrology
  • Component characterization
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • R&D 
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