High-Power 1mic
 High-Power 1.5mic
 1560nm fsec Laser
 780nm fsec Laser
 Tunable psec Laser
 1060nm psec Laser
 Supercont. Source 
 High-Power CW


Optisiv PFL-1560 Series is maintenance-free fiber laser modules that generate multi-color, synchronized pulses that are wavelength tunable in the 1530-1575 nm, with over 100 mW average power, and < 5 ps pulse width. The laser module is a turn key solution, which provides temporal and spectral qualities in either fiber-coupled or free-space outputs.

        Key Features
  • No. of synchronized channels: >2
  • Central Wavelength: 1530-1575 nm (Tunable)
  • Output Avg. Power: >100 mW.
  • Pulse width: < 5 ps
  • Repetition rate: 20-40 MHz (fixed)
  • Fiber coupled output or free space
  • Pump-probe spectroscopy
  • Ultrafast dynamics characterization
  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • Nonlinear optics

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